The Ahisma Ensemble

Rahul Roy and Bob Weiner

The Ahisma Ensemble

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Augusta Savage Gallery   7:00 pm
free to the public

Rahul Roy has been exploring a nether world of musical styles and traditions that have made him a 'World Musician'. Always eager to collaborate with others, he has worked closely with John McLaughlin, Ralph Towner, Allan Holdsworth, and John La Porta. His last recorded work, "Never The Same Way Once" featured Yasko and Archie Kubota from Japan, as well as Harvey Wirht from Suirname. He is now on the faculty at Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School, opening young minds to new musical possibilities. Bob Weiner has toured and performed with Harry Belafonte, Itzhak Perlman, Betty Buckley, Jon Lucien, Dianne Reeves, Andy Statman, Rebecca Paris, Kenny Werner, Gabrielle Roth, Bob Moses and Tiny Tim. He is also the co-author of "Afro-Cuban Rhythms for Drumset" with Frank Malabe and "Brazilian Rhythms for Drumset" with Duduka da Donseca, both books of which share his knowledge of unique musical prospects. They will soon be releasing an album entitled "After The Fall" . This album is their journey, exploring intricate and radiant musical landscapes of the world.


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