The Creaking Cloud

A BFA Thesis by Kaitlin Brink

The Creaking Cloud

Monday, December 6 - Sunday, December 12

Central Gallery   
Free and open to the public.

Mixed media works combining painting, printmaking and installation totell a memory and sensory based narrative of the soul and self. Artist Statement: My work is about the seen and the unseen. The shape of a manatee in arock, what hides behind a happy face, what lurks under the dining roomtable. I often draw upon my own memory or emotional realities forimagery and inspiration. I like incorporating text in most every work;using word play and definitions to be ambiguous or secretive to saysomething in plain sight. I enjoy using Braille in my work for itstextural and patterning qualities. It also gives me a place to playaround with the idea of seeing the image and seeing the meaning. Otherlanguages I turn to are French, German, Tagolog, Morse Code, and theInternational Phonetic Alphabet. I am an observer, so the meaning in mywork is in the details: a shape, a word, an expression, a color. ThemesI touch upon within the of the seen and unseen are: figures inisolation, childhood memorabilia, and yarn representing the body.


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