The Dances of China: A Journey of 5,000 Years

Performance Series

The Dances of China: A Journey of 5,000 Years

Friday, February 18 at 7:30PM, 2005

Concert Hall 7:30 PM   7:30 pm
Adults: $20, $15; Age 17 and under & Five College Students: $10, $7

Produced by the Chinese Performing Artists of America in San Francisco with guest artists from People's Republic of China, this 12 member touring company traces the history of Chinese culture through its music, court dances, acrobatics, martial arts and folk dances from several of China's ethnic groups. Trained in prestigious Beijing Dance Academy and having been principal dancers, opera stars and musicians, these performers will present traditional dances as the Lantern Dance, Water, Ma-Ying and Courting. In the second act they will present the Dragon King, a dance-drama based on a Chinese mythological tale that will portray celestial warriors, faries and deities, complete with martial arts, acrobats and dances.


Sponsored in part by Claudette Boudreau

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