The Pawn Shop

The Pawn Shop: Fox Proprietors

Hampden Gallery

Fox Proprietors

Tim Winn and Zehra Khan

It takes the craftiness of a fox to capitalize and flourish in these dregs of trade.


Opening Reception: Sunday, September 11th from 3 – 5

Exhibition Dates: September 11 to October 6, 2011at Hampden Gallery

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Gallery Hours: Monday through Thursday: 12PM to 6 PM & Sunday 2 PM – 5 PM


Pawn Shop: Fox Proprietors, consists of a pawn shop with all it's inventory created out of paper. Costumed human-foxes are the owners of this den of refuse commerce, their interaction with the space captured through accompanying photographs and a film.

Artists' Statement

The Pawn Shop – Fox Proprietors combines Tim Winn’s paper architecture with Zehra Khan’s costuming and performance. Exploiting and subverting the limitations of two-dimensional drawing, they fabricated a storefront from paper and wood. Shop inventory was constructed by manipulating the artists’ small-scale pen and ink drawings though a process of photocopy enlargement. Zehra Khan’s fox-humans, proprietors in this strange world of refuse commerce, activate the space.

Tim Winn and Zehra Khan explore notions of the commercial and sentimental value of objects and the negotiable value of drawing and art. The pawnshop is a marketplace of desperation, into which one enters when money is more necessary than possessions. It takes the craftiness of a fox to capitalize and flourish in these dregs of trade.

About Tim Winn & Zehra Khan

The Pawn Shop – Fox Proprietors is another example of collaborative work by Tim Winn and Zehra Khan. In the past two years they have exhibited together at the Worcester State University, the Cape Cod Community College, and Gallery Ehva in Provincetown. Tim was featured in 2011 New American Paintings – Northeast Edition, and Zehra is currently part of the NYC Drawing Center Viewing Program. Both residents of Provincetown, Tim and Zehra continue to pursue their own artistic practice as well as their collaborative work. and

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