Tim Folland: Tools For Destroying Paintings Series II

King of the Crash Boom Bam

Tim Folland: Tools For Destroying Paintings Series II

Friday, November 3 - Sunday, December 3, 2006

Free and open to the public

The art-destroying stuntman hijinks of Tim Folland spring from the cartoon antics of Wile E. Coyote. At the center of his video installation, "Death-defying Dervish Gangbuster Rebel" is the stupendously resourceful, maniacal idiot Goldhead, who, in his oversized helmet mask with hooked little nose, bears a striking resemblance to Richard Nixon.
Elmer Fudd also comes to mind. Or the infamous Unknown Comic from the Gong Show.
In successive attacks on the paintings lining the gallery walls, he wields such tools as The Asskicker, a gargantuan swinging foot, and the grossly industrial, Dr. Seussian Stuntman Fling machine, which throws his little Understudy headlong across the room. The results are perversely inefficient. But Goldhead nonetheless plays the crowd with bravado. And they cheer. They roar. They laugh. This video is a tightly edited well-paced and highly entertaining spectacle, a cross between a standup routine and a sports highlights video. Buster Keaton meets Evel Knievel.
The video was shot on site at Jack the Pelican Presents Brooklyn, NY in December of 2005. The aftermath of Goldhead?s jubilation remains, but the bangs, tears and bruises the artworks sustained appear to have spilled over from the cartoon world. In one, the contour of Understudy's body rips cleanly through the wall. These together with the tools of destruction, also on display, are a boisterous assembly. Goldhead's theme song, "The King of the Crash Boom Bam" echoes his triumph.
-- Don Carroll


Associated Events

Tim Folland

Screening and Discussion
Thursday, November 16, 2006 Hampden Gallery
Alum Tim Folland will be on hand for the screening of his video Tools For

Destroying Paintings followed by a behind the scenes look at the making of

his Tools For Destroying Paintings II. The screening will be followed by a

discussion with Folland's collaborators: composer, Caleb Mulkerin and

cinematographer, Scott Sutherland.
,4:30 pm



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