Organizing Principles of the Valley Jazz Network

Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts

Article 1 -Name

Section 1. The name of this network shall be the Valley Jazz Network, herein referred to as VJN, and its duration shall be perpetual. The VJN is community outreach arm of the UMass Fine Arts Center

Article 2 – Purpose

The Purpose of the Valley Jazz Network (VJN) is to preserve jazz as an art form by delivering opportunities for performance, education and community networking and collaboration by the following means:
a) Promote and preserve jazz as an art form
b) Deliver jazz education in our communities
c) Provide opportunities for members to network in a collaborative environment and bring their own ideas concerning jazz to fruition

Members will have
a) Access to information
b) Access to special events,
c) Access to having role in promoting and preserving jazz
d) Access to opportunities to contribute ideas
e) Access to like-minded jazz enthusiasts

Article 3- Membership

Section 1. Membership in the VJN shall be open to any person of good standing in the community without restriction as to race, color, creed or gender.
Section 2. Membership shall not be restricted by geographical boundaries.

Article 4 – Dues

There are no dues at this time but some form of financial support is welcome to keep the VJN viable. Donations to the Fine Arts Center’s Jazz Initiative support the VJN efforts

Article 5 – Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is comprised of Chair, Vice-Chair, and chairs of the sub-committees of Education, PR/Communications and Member Activities. The Steering Committee will provide leadership to the VJN, set priorities and organize open meetings twice a year. The open meetings will include all members for the purpose of building community and gathering ideas. Management of events, PR/communications and educational activities will be provided by the UMass Fine Arts Center.

Article 6 – Meetings

Meetings of the open membership will take place twice a year

Article 10 – Elections

Because of its link to the Fine Arts Center, the chair and/or Vice-Chair will have a seat on the Friends of the Fine Arts Center Board of Directors. The chairs of committees (Education, PR/Communications and Member Activities) and its members will be based on volunteers and those best able to deliver each committee’s charge.