Work Study/Internships

Each program in the Fine Arts Center has a staff of undergraduate student employees who have received work-study awards. Many of the programs also employ interns who gain academic credit for their work.


Front-of-House services ensure the smooth working of audience services during FAC events. They employ ushers who see to the audience's proper seating and comfort; house managers, promoted from the pool of ushers, who oversee the general operation of the ushers' work. Front-of-House also uses office assistants who keep track of the multitude of details that go into smooth audience services. An application for an usher position is online here. You can also call the Audience Services Office at 545-0192 or email for information on jobs.

Facilities & Production Services

Providing assistance and support at a professional level in staging, lighting, audio and design, Production Services is responsible for the operation of all Fine Arts Center performance facilities. It maintains all production inventories and equipment and supports the activities of Fine Arts Center programs.

The unit also provides production support for the Department of Music and Dance and all other University departments and programs using Fine Arts Center performance venues. In addition, it assists in the physical production and planning of University commencements, conferences, convocations and special events.


Even performances and exhibits  of the calibre that FAC brings to UMass would go unnoticed if it weren't for the efforts of the Center's Marketing Department. Marketing spreads the word about FAC events through press releases, contacts with reporters, postering, and other forms of outreach. The Marketing department is also responsible for the production of the FAC's brochures and playbills for each performance. They also ensure that FAC events are listed in all community events and arts calendars, and help the IT Department to enter information on programs into the FAC's extensive database. Marketing typically employs four or five work-study students each year. For information on joining the Marketing team, contact Marketing Director, Shawn Farley, at 545-3671 or


Fundraising through donor events, including the FAC's eagerly-anticipated annual Gala and Auction, is a major part of the FAC's operations. Students who work with the FAC's Development office become familiar with a wide range of skills, from donor cultivation to event management. For information on joining this busy and rewarding group of staff and students, contact Anna Robbins, Community Relations Manager, at 545-4253 or


Programming is possibly the most visible of all the FAC's operations, and certainly one that is instrumental in determining the success of the season. The Programming office employs work-study students as assistants in the office (there's a great deal of paper generated in dealing with the artists over the course of the season). The office assistants also help manage the Global Arts Program, and undertake occasional database projects. There is also a Hospitality Coordinator intern who sees to the backstage accommodations for the performers. Information on working with Programming is available from Hillary Rathbun, Assistant Director of Programming, at 545-4160 or

Box Office

The Box Office, located in the Concert Hall, is the ticket agency, not just for FAC events, but for events campus-wide. Each season the Box Office employs approximately ten students, both workstudy and non-workstudy. Some of the students are trained student managers, and run the Box Office during evening performances, even in the absence of professional staff. For information on working at the FAC Box Office, please contact The Box Office Job Application form can be found here. Applications are closed for the Spring 2021 semester.

Information Technology

Technology Manager Christine Texiera oversees a group of helpful, patient, and very competent students who keep the FACs eighty-plus indispensible computers and printers in good working order, enter reams of information into our databases, create one-off programs when they're needed, and provide support for productivity software to the entire staff. IT's student workers aren't necessarily computer science or engineering students; in fact, some of the best come from a background in the humanities. If you're interested in working with Christine's cadre of IT trouble-shooters, contact her at 545-3828 or

University Museum of Contemporary Art

The UMCA offers a wide range of positions for graduate and undergraduate students. Graduate students often come from the Studio Art or Art History departments, but students from all disciplines are welcome to work for academic credit. Their roles may include research, collection management, curatorial studies, outreach, or museum education. Undergraduate students may apply for work- study positions and for-credit internships or enroll in our year-long, three-credit course to become UMCA Student Educators, leading tours in the museum. For more information about these opportunities, please contact Amanda Herman, 545-1176 or

Augusta Savage Gallery

The Augusta Savage Gallery, located in New Africa House, mounts exhibitions that cover a wide range of media: from painting to sculpture to photography. Like the other FAC galleries on campus, the Augusta Savage Gallery employs students as guards and docents. If you're interested in working at the Augusta Savage Gallery, contact Alexia Cota at 545-5177 or

Hampden Gallery

Hampden Gallery, in Southwest, is a venue for BFA shows, experimental art, and site-specific installations. Most of its shows are held during the academic year so it's a good fit for students seeking employment as they pursue their coursework. Hampden Gallery hires a number of students each year as guards. If you're interested in working at Hampden Gallery, contact Sally Curcio at 545-0680 or