Home carries with it many meanings. It suggest many things. Home can trigger memories or spark anticipation. It sometimes reminds us of painful experiences, or offers some promise of freedom, or evokes terror of a future. For some, Home is connected to a place or moment in time that carries pleasurable memories. For others, it is a place to which, regrettably, they cannot nor will ever return.
Some have generational ties to home. They have witnessed the expulsion and dispersion of entire communities from their places of birth, and the rupturing of familial and cultural continuity. Some think of Home in ideological terms and are shocked and repulsed by politics and values in a nation that once felt safe, but now create tremendous anxiety. Still others have never been privy to the stability of solid ground beneath their feet, a home base, a sense of nationhood, or belonging. 
A spiritual leader once reminded his followers, “Everywhere you go, there you are.”  Here is yet another way of understanding Home – that there exists a place inside us that is familiar and safe, and which holds us strong and erect in dangerous circumstances. 
There are many ways to think about Home. Our Call For Submissions invites artists to consider Home as the subject of their creations. We encourage artists to be as focused and specific in their thinking and artwork as possible in order that this exhibition may have maximum impact.
  • A story must accompany the artwork. Tell that story, whether fictional or true, in 100 words or less (this should be submitted as a word doc)
  • 2D art: 16”x16” works on paper or unstretched canvas. No framed work. All mediums and styles welcome (figurative, abstract, landscape, traditional, experimental, conceptual, prints, paintings, drawing, quilts, collage, or others)
  • International artists (curently living and working outside the U.S.) will have .jpg images of artwork projected in the gallery during the exhibition.
  • Performance art - video submissions only (youtube links only; maximum time: 8 minutes)

*Only submit new work created specifically for this exhibition!

U.S. artists are responsible for mailing art and providing return postage-paid label from UPS ONLY . Work will be returned in original packaging.

Please send all submission materials to gallerycall@umass.edu
No submission fee required!

  • Artist Statement (should not exceed 5 sentences. Please include information about art submission including influences on your thinking about the subject of your work word doc only)
  • Artist Bio (4-5 sentences word doc only)
  • Story (100 words word doc only)
  • 2D art (jpg image/s of your original 16”x16” work on paper, unstretched canvas, mixed-media) Maximum of 3 entries.
  • Performance art (youtube links only)

Incomplete submissions will NOT be considered! Work that does not follow our specifications will NOT be considered!

Submission Deadline: August 1, 2017
Notification of Acceptance: September 15, 2017
Deadline For Receiving Artwork: December 1, 2017
Exhibition Dates: February 1 – April 30, 2018
All information is provided in this Call for Entries. DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL