Jules Jones: Piece Me Back Together


Jamilla Deria: Thank you for allowing me to briefly walk alongside you on this journey. Your exhibition and words will stay with me.

Christopher Jones: I love the African influences. I would like to discuss the imagery of hands with you. It runs through several of these pieces and is reflected in their titles too. The underworlds are a theme that is so graphic like in “Rooted.” Looking forward to zooming with you about your work!

Marek Tresnak: Beautiful art work, Julianne. I think that you are very talented. I love looking at your art pieces both from close noticing all the details and from a distance taking in the overall pleasing blend of colors and shapes. Thanks for inviting me and I hope you will keep creating!

Anonymous: What stuck out to me is the Underworld artwork, because I interpret the bodies underground to show how it is very crowded down there, with all the death in this world. I like the colors a lot, too!! Overall, every artwork is redefining my idea of art.

Suzanne Surgen: Thank you

Amaris Brown: Jules! This show was absolutely stunning and I could see every aspect connecting to mental illness beautifully. Anxiety grip, dream beings, night walker, and underworld were so stunning, I really felt those and connected with those. You are an incredible artist.

Beth Manion: Powerful. Beautiful. Strong.

Janelle Sochet: An inspiring collection of work searching the inner demons and light that projects onto our interdimensional skin. The layer we call life that often blinds us to the purity and true form of self. This color-spilled art showcases the density of one's individuality and power; the figures represent this passion through expressional movement and grace -- thank you for this beautiful creation

Anonymous: I enjoyed seeing your work. I am a quilter and see some of that technique/flavor in your work. I appreciate what you have shared.

Kim Carlino: I really enjoyed your work interspersed with thoughts and feelings behind the pieces. Definitely resonated for me as a fellow artist working through these pandemic times and giving myself space to process and integrate what's happening through painting. Thank you for sharing this work!

Mary Doering: For me this was a profoundly moving exhibition.  I wanted to list some of my favorites but there were too many.   Night Walker, Hands On Hands Off, Listening Hands, Underworld, all went straight to my heart like an arrow.  How few of us are even remotely willing to face the boogeyman buried deep inside us.  Self compassion, self forgiveness, self mercy, these are her words - and her hard won wisdom rings out from each image.  Bravo Julie Jones

Anonymous: Wow! As a fellow disabled person, this is the kind of disabled representation that absolutely warms my heart. What an incredible show. This is brilliant.