A Horse Walks Into A Bar
Curated by D. Dominick Lombardi


Anonymous: Hello, Hampden Gallery!

Beckie Makarian: I enjoyed getting a guided tour of this exhibition, and appreciated Mr. Lombardi taking the time to share his perspectives on this virtual tour.

Anonymous: Fabulous!!

Diana Jensen: Great show to see during these grim times!!

Peter & Angela d'Errico & Taylor: Wonderful to see these works! The virtual tour commentary adds a punch to some objects and illuminates others that would otherwise be less engaging. Kudos to all of you, artists and technicians.

Bri Jefferson: Great video. I love the idea of seeing gallery collections virtually. I wish it showed the whole gallery itself more though. Also some pictures/videos weren't discussed at all in the narration, such as the second two Kirk Nachman cartoons, and the Applin "Peter Painting Hercules" painting. I wish I learned more about those.

Joseph Cherry: I like the worm

Denise Lafountain: Thank you so much for sharing the art and your narrative with me, on this snowy Coronavirus overnight.

Tasha Robbins: Woo Hoo!  <3

Anne Marchand: Thank you for this unique view of the exhibition!

Anonymous: Fun that is much needed!

Alexia: Wonderful! The virtual tour is so great and was edited beautifully! Great work everyone!

Don Doe: Standing ovation.

Ni Ni Than: Thank you!

Andrea Kennedy: Liked it




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