Image by Emma Hollows Image by Emma Hollows

Emma Hollows: Kofifi/Covfefe


Anne LaPrade Seuthe: Emma Hollows delivers a top notch exhibition that is both visually gripping and intellectually stimulating. The photo collages of the costumes say so much! Once again, Augusta Savage Gallery, delivers meaningful work that has global relevance. Hats off to Emma Hollows! Can't wait to see her next project.

Lisa Matthew: Outstanding!! Beautiful work, so coherent. And I love seeing the process of the milliner work. Thank you!

Mikayla Reid: WOOOOOHOOOO you did it and you adapted and did it again! While I wish I was able to see your exhibit in person, hear the music, and watch your actors, you turned it around into a beautiful online exhibit for the world to see. Celebrate!

Elisabeth Goncalves: Amazing exhibition. The work you put into these costumes is inspiring. you are a true artist Emma. It is a shame we couldn't perform it. Best of luck in your future projects.

Anonymous: Lovely and very interesting exhibition! I learned a lot and am amazed by the costume design.

James Maclean: Fascinating. I have not seen the play but have visited the country, area, and museums referenced many times. Emma has really captured the feel of the place and spirit of the time. Really enjoyed going through the gallery. Thanks Emma.

Govane Lohbauer: Emma, Now I know that you are as talented as I thought you were. This is just excellent work. Character work and color use is excellent.  I also loves the use of texture and you hats are just wonderful.  I will be looking for a show for you to design at Shakespeare & Company, perhaps next year! I so wish I could see this exhibition in person and better yet see the show. It sounds timely and tough, and it seems you have risen to it's challenge. I hope this exhibit goes on to places where other Designers can see and appreciate it. Thanks, this made my day.

Tony Lyons: A most engaging and interesting exhibition: thank you for sharing this. I hope that Emma's insightful approach and thoroughness can bring her the chance for further high profile work.

Darius Taylor: Beautiful work Emma!

Finn Lefevre: Wow! Stunning work Emma! So glad I got to see the exhibit despite the circumstances. Congratulations on a thoughtful, thorough, and beautiful design!

Jill Hollows: Awesome, interesting and inspiring exhibition. Beautiful designs and collages. Well done Emma!

Colleen Kirby: On Ponnapa's exhibit: Lovely evocation of the infinitude of earth and it's place in the universe. Would love to see these in person rather than through the filter of computer monitors which brings a flatness that I expect is not part of the works. But appreciate that the exhibition was able to be online for the pandemic. These works show the interconnectedness of the planet and ourselves, so it is ironic that the pandemic keeps us from interacting fully with the art.

Josephine Perry: Stunning, provocative, magnificent vision

Anonymous: Absolute well done Emma. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about this play, it's characters, the history that underpins the play and how your brilliant costume design helped bring this story to life visually. I'm also very impressed by the craftsmanship involved in creating the hats, a feature I recognise all to well in South-African dress code of that time period. Congratulations and I look forward to seeing more work from you.

Emily Turnbull: The hard work and determination of Emma as a costume designer, is shown in the high quality details of these pieces. I particularly like the representation of the character Princess. I am so glad to be able to see this exhibition for myself having not have had this opportunity without it being online. The research and topic this centres on is just as relevant in today’s society, as it was in the 1950s where the story of Sophiatown began.  Congratulations Emma! Looking forward to seeing what is next!



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