Mary Ting: Our Hive is Sick


Tiana Navarro: So grateful to have this creative person as my art professor. You’re inspiring in more than one way and looking at your art here gave me more ideas about who I can be as an artist thank you!
Kathi Schaeffer: I learn so much from Mary and her work and passion inspire me and many others to learn more, do more, share more and be more!

Susan Rostow: Wonderful work and presentation. Thank you!!!

Robert Lee: Such a wonderful and well deserved exhibition

Johnny Fu: Great body of work!  Congratulations Mary!

Rene Lynch: Terrifying and beautiful, Mary. Poignant, relevant... a great look at your life's work. Bravo!

Miriam Schaer: Even tho I won't be able to see the exhibition, I am so happy to see the catalog which covers this powerful and important work.

Anonymous: Beautiful and powerful. Thank you!

Daniel Atha: These are beautiful and thought provoking works. I'm sure many will be inspired by their creativity, execution and deep connection to living things and human nature.

Katarina Wong: So great to see all of this work, Mary. So powerful and exciting. Congratulations!

Tara Sabharwal: Awesome

Jose Pelaez: congratulations ! Very strong intence work!

Laura Clifford: As a beekeeper, I’m always intrigued by the interdependence within a hive and its connectivity to its natural surroundings.  This exhibit left a pit in my stomach; which is a good thing.

Meg Nicks: very powerful.

Sarah Haviland: This is a beautiful and moving survey of Mary Ting's powerful, sensitive work. The exhibition is so timely. I would love to have a print copy of the catalog if it's available.