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2017-2018 Visual Arts Chronological Listing



Allegory of Justice - September 12 - 29

Allegory of Justice by Brian Gaither spacer 624x1001pixels, 1.4MB.jpg
Allegory of Justice
Standardization by Brian Gaither   1000x577 pixels, 1.7MB.jpg
Accountability by Brian Gaither   2979x1463 pixels, 1.7MB.jpg

Soviet Russia In Black & White - October 5 - 27

Crimea   749x576 pixels, 298KB.jpg
Crimea   731x576 pixels, 295KB.jpg
Crimea   720x975 pixels, 385KB.jpg

Future, Unknown - November 2 - December 1

Image by Rodney Madison   1597x2000 pixels, 2.9MB .jpg
Image by Rodney Madison spacer 1332x2000 pixels, 2.6MB .jpg
Image by Rodney Madison spacer 2000x1461 pixels, 2.2MB .jpg

HOME - Part I: February 1 - March 8; Part II: March 26 - April 30

HOME   1830x1230 pixels, 887KB .jpg
HOME spacer 1830x1230 pixels, 1.3MB .jpg

Performance Series - April 9 - 13

Leo Hwang   Leo Hwang
1408x2000 pixels, 988KB .jpg
Marty Ehrlich spacer Marty Ehrlich
876x1313 pixels, 828KB .jpg
Lindel Hart & Linda McInerney   Lindel Hart and Linda McInerney
693x500 pixels, 182KB .jpg
Joeph Daley photo by Roberto Cifarelli   Joeph Daley photo by Roberto Cifarelli
1511x2000 pixels, 704KB .jpg
Junko Fisher   Junko Fisher
647x866 pixels, 122KB .jpg
Maria Mitchell   Maria Mitchell
842x562 pixels, 213KB .jpg
Thomas Buckner   Thomas Buckner
1331x2000 pixels, 1.2MB .jpg
Andrea hairston   Andea Hairston
1615x1247 pixels, 497KB .jpg
Pierre Rouzier   Pierre Rouzier
2000x1500 pixels, 1.7MB .jpg
Element Brewing   Element Brewing
2000x1333 pixels, 897KB .jpg


Self Indulgence - September 10 - 29

Self portrait by Don Doe   1556x2000 pixels, 3MB .jpg
Self portrait by Don Doe
Untitled   1496x2000 pixels, 1.1MB .jpg

D.Dominick Lombardi: Saints, Sinners and the Collective Unconscious - September 10 - 29

St. Joseph of Cupertino by D. Dominick Lombardi   1764x2000 pixels, 2.2MB .jpg
St Joseph of Cupertino

Rhonda Smith: Walking on Rock and Water - October 15 - November 3

Image by Rhonda Smith   1500x1205 pixels, 1.8MB .jpg
Image by Rhonda Smith spacer 1326x2000 pixels, 1.7MB.jpg

Laurie M. Goddard: On Hands and Knees - October 15 - November 3

Romeo Talked by Laurie Goddard   939x600 pixels, 1.9MB .jpg
Romeo Talked
Image by Laurie Goddard spacer 947x1302 pixels, 610KB .jpg

Greta Gundersen: The Image and The Imagined - October 15 - November 3

Susurrus by Greta Gundersen spacer 2000x1345 pixels,  358KB .jpg

Briana Taylor: Red - November 12 - December 6

Image by Briana Taylor spacer 735x985 pixels,  2.2MB .jpg

Jeff deRose: Triage - November 12 - December 6

Image by Jeff deRose spacer 937x894 pixels,  2MB .jpg

Tess Rock: Fallen - January 28 - February 23

Image by Tess Rock   1590x2000 pixels, 744KB .jpg
Image by Tess Rock spacer 1349x2000 pixels, 475KB .jpg

Bill Rock: Recent Work/Abstraction - January 28 - February 23

Image by Bill Rock   1979x2000 pixels,  1MB .jpg
Image by Bill Rock spacer 1724x2000 pixels, 725KB .jpg

Amy Corey: Knitting In Public - March 4 - 22

Image by Amy Corey   2000x629 pixels,  1.8MB .jpg
Image by Amy Corey spacer 1285x1800 pixels, 302KB .jpg

Sally Clegg: Bundle - March 4 - 22

Image by Sally Clegg   1330x2000 pixels,  1.7MB .jpg
Image by Sally Clegg spacer 2000x1264 pixels, 2.1MB .jpg



The Art of Fred Wilson in Dialogue with African Art from the Collection of Charles Derby - September 27 - December 17

Mende helmet mask (Ndoli jowei), c. 1900; Sierra Leone; from the collection of Charles Derby spacer
1000x1482 pixels, 837KB.jpg
Mende helmet mask (Ndoli jowei), c. 1900; Sierra Leone; from the collection of Charles Derby