BEYOND PLANET EARTH: Rethinking the Boundaries
Ponnapa Prakkamakul


Shawn Farley: Love this! Don't hate me for saying this, but I think this is a great idea and something you should continue to do. I love Ponnapa's work and now I can see it whenever I like. Thanks, Terry and Alexia! And Ponnapa of course.

Glenn Siegel: Beautiful art work. Easy to read slides and navigate the site. Right amount of text to images. The exhibit felt like the right length. Would like to see the work in the flesh.

Naomi Yanis: It was wonderful to see this innovative art while confined to my home. How fortunate we are -- those of us with a comfortable home in which to isolate, and the tools to be able to enjoy the myriad offerings available. -- and all while doing good by isolating. Thank you for the art and for offering it at this time.

Lani Nahele: Your work brought me to a peaceful and powerful place, Thank you Ponnapa!

Luiz Amaral: Beautiful! It really made me think about how different objects and places are connected, and what they can represent. Congratulations!

Alicia Waymire: Other worlds, mystical, grounded in elemental earth, homage to the processes of earth, atmospheric peace

Joan Peters: Your work is absolutely breath taking. Our natural world through your eyes and my eyes grow larger.