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Events and Exhibitions by Year Hampden and Central Galleries


The Hate Project

Sondra Peron

James Gert

Diasporan Portraits

Zea Mays

Jeanette Cole

Jenine Shereos

Laula Holland

Margie Rothermich

Peggy Klineman



50 Shades of Red

Valeri Larko: Location, Location, Location 2

Terry Jenoure: CANARY

Chewing Tar

China Marks: Art Hysterical: Errors and Approximations

Cathy Osman: Declining Catch

James Gehrt

Diasporan Portraits

The Hate Project

Sondra Peron


Meg Walker: Brain Unraveled

Ron Michaud: Paint, Color and the Brain

The Eye Witness Project


Barbara Neulinger: Element Pool

Dawn Siebel: Animalia, The Endangered

Deborra Steward-Pettengill: Zephyr

Diana Mackenzie: Recent Works

Michael Goering: Gather Up Your Wings and Fly

Peter Gordon: Cost of Production



Stephen Capogna

Bonnie Tatro Capogna

Ethel Poindexter

Barbara Hadden

Diane Englander

Lora Talbot


Priya Nadkarni  

War & Peace  

The Meek Shall Inherit  

Donnabelle Casis  

Mary Curcio  

Form and Content  

Holly Curcio  

BFA Thesis  


Sally Curcio: Recognition  

Sarah Meyers Brent: Living Paint  

Deborra Stewart-Pettengill: Zephy  

Enid Blechman: A ‘Pataphysical Conversation  

Diana MacKenzie: Recent Works  

Sergei Fedorjaczenko: Pipe Dreams  

Dawn Siebel: Animalia: The Endangered  

Sally Curcio: Recognition  

Terry Rooney: Beneath the Surface  

Elizabeth Keithline: Only The Strong Survive  

Timothy McDonald: it rises into wide open space  


Hanlyn Davies Shelf Life  

Klaus Postler  

Mark Rice  

Adele Mattern: Jet Lag Go-Go  

Damian Cote: Letters To Dr. Ehrlich  

Foreign Affairs: Five Artists from Japan  

Jeff Stauder: I, Pilgrim  

Mixed Media Workshop with artist Jesse Connor  


For Realsies  

Linda Griggs: "I Probably Shouldn't Be Telling You This"  

Michele Basora  

Michael Zansky  

Amy Johnquest  

Home Drone  

Linda Stillman  

Tim deChristopher: Stories Set in Stone  

Quote Me  

Collage Logic  

Ariadne Zamelis  

House of Observation _ Claudia Sperry and Rachel Sperry  

Mariel Daniels  

Taiga Ermansons  


Michelle DeMarco  

Mix and Match  

Timelines: Photographic Works by Sandra Matthews  

A Tool Is A Mirror  

Hannah Richards: With Paper and Pins  

Celestial Septet: Rova Sax Quartet + Nels Cline Singers  

Haiga: A Field Guide  

A Novel Idea  


Alexia Cota: Proceed With Caution  

The Interconnected World: Various Projects  

Jenny Tibbetts: Incandescence  

The Pawn Shop  



…Searching for Bigfoot  



Robert Mallary/Sculptural Practices  

Maggie Nowinski: Swallowed  

Collabrative Drawing Project  

Kathleen Cammarata: Where to Now?  

Holly Lynton: Selected Work  

Victor Signore: Transmutations  

Freedom as Visual Pattern  

At Heart, Spike Jones: The Eames Edition  

Where There's Smoke  

Blaine Flynn  

Sweetness and Light  

Readings and Writings: Work From First Year Seminar UNIVRSTY 197 ART  

Laura Holland: “Just Looking"  

Your Words Here: Artist Books From Junior Year Writing Classes (ART 370)  

Michelle Dickson: Never Arriving  


Lisa Ludwig:The Scab Nation Project  

Monica Rabinowitz: Line #5- Knyazhevo  

Artist In Residence  

Kristin Nason: 16/28: Places/Years  

Kristin Nason: Cold Storage  

Timothy Gough  

Mind Bridge: Mary Robinson from Columbia and the U.S. and Ha Ran Kim from South Korea  

Joyce Conlon: Coming of Age  

Cate Levin  

Feedback:A Critique Group Revealed  

Michael Tillyer: Portent Incidentals  

Marcia R. Wise  

BFA Thesis: Tempor Incognitum  

Four Weeks of Anchor House Artists  

We Are All Related: Ruby Barnes from the US and Roland Idaczyk from New Zealand  

Crossing Borders: Comparing Thoughts Elizabeth Geissler • USA Juliet Armstrong • South Africa Ian Calder • South Africa Vulindlela Philani Elliot Nyoni • South Africa/Zimbabwe  


Prayer Flags Around The World  

Group Dynamics  


New England/ New York/ New Talent 2008  

Cover Me  

Art Gone Postal  

MFA Thesis Exhibition  

Deborah Garner  

Stephen Foley: In a Glass House  

Sean Greene: Calligraphs  

Josiah Cuneo  

Petula Bloomfield: Laced  

George Wardlaw  

Alicia Hunsicker  

MFA Thesis Exhibition  

Background Stories  


GEORGE WARDLAW: Recent Paintings Windows I  

Jeremy Broussard: MFA  


Paula and Brendan  

Damian Cote: BFA  

Chris Perry: MFA film  

Lillianna Pereira  

Erin Ruetsch: Redemptive Form  

Kiriko Shirobayashi  

Martha Roe Mulcahy  

Terry Jenoure: Between Heaven and Earth  


One Nation Under Surveillance  

When I Go Like This, You Will Know It Is Time  

Creative Rejuvenation Workshop  


Melinda Placko MFA Thesis Exhibition  

Sammy Seung Min Lee SPACE: BOOK  

Rachel Gurske BFA Thesis Exhibition  

No Show/No Problem  

Scott Sawtell: The Definitive American Presidential Portrait Series  

God and Country  

Multiple Personalities  

Matt Bahen:Fatal Surveillance Series  

Tim Folland  

Remapping Black Germany  

Martha Roe Mulcahy: Domestic Territories  

The Raw and the Cooked Part I  


Heimo Wallner  

Chris Nelson  

Line Bruntse and Steve Budington  

Budge Hyde  

Sally Curcio  

MFA Thesis Exhibition  

Alien Bones  

MFA Thesis Exhibition  

Hieronymus Bosch, Revisted  

New York/New England/New Talent 2005  

Kunst Berlin Exhibition Series  


Shameless Voyage  

Incubator Project featuring Scott Mayberry  

Jennifer Tibbets  

John Simpson  

Sean Greene  

The Garden of Earthly Delights Revisited  

Xi Painting Collective  

Sneak Preview  

Masters of the Obvious  

Truth and Folly  

Sam Van Aken  

Second Generation Ego  


Nora Valdez  

Jeanette Cole  


Draw Like an Egyptian: Workshop for young artists aged 6-12  

Emily Kalina and Sara O'Brien  

Master Dancers of Bali  

BA Thesis Exhibition in Photography  

Face to Face: Portraits  

The LayerCake Project  

Karen Moss: Keep it Simple  

Eliza Gray: State of Order and Hillary Milens: Holy Sugar!  

New England/ New York/ New Talent 2003  

BFA Exhibit Garrett Piermarini  

Olivia Bernard  


Abstraction as Indicator  

David Henderson: New Work  

Hair Trigger and Baggage Claimed  

Omens in Nature: Oriole Feshbach  

Timothy Cummings  


Barry Lester  

Nora Valdez: The Journey  

Robert Taplin  

Terri Priest  

Other Ways of Seeing