SamulNori Korean Dance and Music

SamulNori Korean Dance and Music

Tuesday, November 8

Concert hall at 10AM

All ages
Running Time: 55 minutes


SamuINori brings the percussive stamping, clapping and drumming world of  "nongak," the Korean farmers band to the Fine Arts Center concert Hall stage. Hailing back to the third century, farmers bands celebrated the autumn harvest with singing and dancing day and night without pause! SamulNori's music is based on the rhythms of this traditional Korean folk music. The name SamulNori means "the play of four things" and refers to the four percussive instruments found in every farmers band. Each instrument takes on the role of individual elements found in nature. Come hear the sharp lightening sound of the "K'kwaenggwari" a small gong made of brass contrasted with the rumbling sound of the large gong or "ching" associated with the wind. The "changgo" or hourglass drum with two  different pitches plays the role of rain and the "buk", a barrel drum made of hollowed out wood provides the background bass sounds of majestic clouds rolling by. Join in with rhythmic clapping as the farmers band performs traditional Korean folk dances!

Curriculum connections:
Cultural diversity, Social Studies, Music, Dance, History and Cultural Heritage

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