Stories from India in Dance and Music by Shantala Shivalingappa and Musicians

Shantala Shivalingappa

Thursday, October 27

Bowker Auditorium at 10AM

All Ages
Running time: 55 minutes


Renowned dancer Shantala and her musicians from India present a special performance of Kuchipudi dance and music celebrating the annual holiday of Festival of Lights.  The dancer beautifully costumed in silk and jewels brings to life the stories about the Gods, Goddesses and Nature elements as she becomes the waves of the ocean, the leaping figure of a god and then various animals in the cycle of creation from the syllable OM.  Enjoy and learn to recite the rhythmic syllables "Sollukuttu" with the musicians as the dancer performs exciting footwork and performs the well-known tradition dance of "dancing on a brass plate." This event is a visual and aural treat for children of all ages and presents a look into India's artistic and cultural heritage through mythology, music and dance—not to be missed....

Shantala Shivalingappa
Curriculum connections:
Cultural diversity, Social Studies, Music, Dance, History and Cultural Heritage

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