Visible Fictions: Zorro

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Concert Hall at 10AM

Grades 3 – 8
Running time: 55 minutes


Visible Fictions in co-production with the Traverse present Zorro, a new play by Davey Anderson. A mysterious figure has arrived in town. A flurry of a cape, the glint of a sword and a flash of a mask; who is this baffling character? Exciting friend or formidable foe? If you’re looking for some swashbuckling fun, come and lock swords with Zorro. Watch as our masked champion ricochets from one sticky situation to another in a world where justice is the name and adventure is the game! Watch out for ‘Z’s scratched into the ground, it might mark the start of a thrilling escapade....

Curriculum connections:
Community Values, Language Arts, Fine Arts, Social Studies, Adaptation

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