Resource Room for PreK-12 Educators


2015-2016 Season

Tao: Seventeen Samurai

Folktales from Asia
Our study guide includes information about the production, artist biographies, historical background on oral traditions in Japan and the artist instruments, a key vocabulary list, and discussion questions for students.
(PDF 2.28MB)

Sounds of Korea: Percussion and Dance

Skippyjon Jones, Snow What (& the 7 chihuahuas)

Our study guide includes information about the production, a relevant Spanish vocabulary list, discussion questions for before and after viewing the production, tips for students new to live theater, and fun classroom activities for students.
(PDF 3.23MB)

Freedom Train
Our study guide includes information about the production, a brief history of the Underground Railroad, tips for discussing slavery with students before and after the show, a suggested bibliography for further research, a word match game, and tips for viewing a live performance.
(PDF 3.23MB)

My Heart In a Suitcase

(PDF 5.22MB)

2014-2015 Season

The Lightning Thief

This study guide provides information on the major gods found in Greek mythology, and contains several fun classroom activities based on this mythology and Greek history.
(Acrobat PDF 3.96MB) 

National Acrobats of China

This guide provides a contextual history of the Chinese circus arts and includes cultural information on the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. It also has a simple traditional Chinese recipie.
(Acrobat PDF 2MB)

The Folktales of Zora Neale Hurston

This guide provides background information on the life of famous American writer Zora Neale Hurston and the Harlem Renaissance, accompanied by classroom learning activities.
(Acrobat PDF 3MB)

The Ugly Duckling & The Tortoise and the Hare

This is an interactive, colorful study guide with information about the animals in the show. In addition to having fun drawing activities, the guide explains the interesting process by which the company designs and makes their unique puppets.
(Acrobat PDF 6.21MB)

2013-2014 Season

Word Becomes Flesh

This guide focuses on first-time theater guests, explaining the ethics of an interactive audience. It offers a historical context to art and classroom exercises designed to encourage youth to think critically about American society.
(Acrobat pdf 626KB)

The Great Mountain

This guide includes fun pre and post-show classroom activities that help to encourage young people to recognize their potential to break patterns and promote change. 
(Acrobat pdf 1.4MB)

The Spirit of Uganda

This guide includes the history behind each performance piece as well as basic vocabulary relevent to both the performance and Ugandan culture. It also includes commentary on modern Uganda. 
(Acrobat pdf 1.5MB)  


This study guide gives an overview of prehistory along with description pages of some of the most well known dinosaurs and figures in paleontology. It also has some learning activities and a classroom quiz.
(Acrobat PDF 18Mb)

2012-2013 Season

Ladysmith Black Mamabazo

This guide provides biographical and background information on the group and their distinctive sound. It provides information and vocabulary on South Africa as well as a learning activity regarding story telling and personal history. 
(Acrobat pdf 2.18 MB)

The Gruffalo

This guide gives background on the story of the Gruffalo, with an explanation of the company's unique storytelling style. It has creative learning exercises surrounding story telling, character development and acting. 
(Acrobat pdf 2.65 MB)

Peony Pavilion

This guide gives an informative history of Chinese traditions and the different roles art such as puppeteering, face painting, and theater have played in Chinese culture. It has several crafty activities for students to get involved with Chinese art.
(Acrobat pdf 2.25 MB)

Imago: ZooZoo

This guide explains Imago's work, and has student activities to help classes get involved with the performance.
(Acrobat pdf 37.1 MB)

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs

This guide includes fun creative activities that incorporate early-age skills like reading and writing with the performance.

2011-2012 Season

Creole Choir of Cuba

This guide has descriptions of the performance techniques of the choir, such as their choreography, instruments, and vocal techniques. It provides information and learning activities Cuban and Haitian culture, as well as lyrics to sing along with during the performance.
(Acrobat pdf 873Kb)

Twinkle Twonkle
This guide gives a student-friendly overview of the workings of our solar system, explaining concepts like the Big Bang and the birth of stars for a pre-show introduction to astronomy. These concepts are explored in fun classroom activities.
(Acrobat pdf 5MB)

This guide outlines the history of the fictional character Zorro and provides learning activities that explore themes of bravery and destiny.
(Acrobat pdf 3MB)

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters
This pre-show guide includes information on African folk tales, culture, and geography, and fun learning activities to help students gain a better understanding and appreciation of different cultures.
(Acrobat pdf 4MB)

Room on the Broom Study Guide
This guide includes information on the book and playful activities for younger students to fully engage with the story.
(Acrobat pdf 2.90 MB)

Mariachi Study Guide
This guide includes the history of mariachi music as well as of the group itself. It also provides historical context of Mexican indpendence and activities about Mexican holidays and mariachi music.
(Acrobat pdf 2.03 MB)

Boomtown Study Guide
This guide describes the aspects of the production and gives a classroom-friendly introduction to Newton's Laws and the Gold Rush, and it also has artistic activities to help students engage with these ideas.
(Acrobat pdf 26.1 MB)

PhiladancoStudy Guide

This guide includes information and activities about the dance company, the art of modern dance, and the Civil Rights Movement.
(Acrobat pdf 1.62MB)

Bale Foclorio da Bahia Guide
This guide includes information about the artists, perfomance pieces, cultural context, and learning activities.
(Acrobat pdf 1.76 MB)

Laura Ingalls Wilder Guide
This guide for Laura Ingalls Wilder includes information about the production, historical period, theatre design, as well as classroom activities.
(Acrobat pdf 2.37MB)