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Seeking the Sacred on the Farm



I Breathe With You Part 1

I Breathe With You Part 2

About Face

American Hunger

Oct 11 Oct 12 Oct 13 Oct 14 (ASG Performance Week)

The Lotus In The Mud

A Point of View


A Moment in Time: Paintings by Brenda Jones

Cuba: Anthropology of a Country - Projected Digital Photographs by Yeraldine Ordoñez

Katha: Stories of Lesser-Known Art - Curated by Manvee Vaid

POWER/PLAY: Liane Brandon & Holly Fisher

Brooklyn LoL & the BronxMan: Housner ReTRospect Project / 4Decades of Painting, Art To Wear, Sculpture - RIchard & Marlene Housner

The Origin of Line: Paintings by Max Armen

Texture of the Soul - Curated by Kathleen Jansyn


Chitra Ganesh & Nitin Mukul: Splintering Signals

Grace Williams: Coming Out on the Other Side

Film Screening - Half the Sky

José Tonito Rodriguez: Inkterventions

Kabu MBII: The Why of Things

Jennifer Lisa Vest Reading and Jin Hi Kim Musical Performance

Edna Sabulao Ilano Interview and Sarah Manning & Allison Miller Musical Performance

Pat Schneider Reading

Priscilla Page Reading and Angelica Sanchez Musical Performance

Onawumi Jean Moss Reading and June Millington Musical Performance

Kelly Popoff: Rock and Doily

Bobby Davis: Traces of a Memory

Oliver Lake: If I Knew This

BFA Thesis: Rachel Carlson - In Asylum

What We Do: Orange Elementary School


Stanwyk Cromwell: Layers of Identity

Kamil Peters: Diaspora Africa

Eben A. Kling: Love, and the End of Days


Fine Tuning: Zero Balancing and Sustainable Bodies  

Monolith: Photographs by Matthew Stanley

No One Leaves: Mapping a Movement/Stories From the Grassroots Struggle Against Foreclosure: A Capstone Porject by Ryan Dunn  

BFA: Laura Middleton & Melanie Staten

Roots: Sculptures by Nancy Mahoney

Lorna Ritz: Falling Into The Night Sky

Juan R. Fuentes: Visions on Paper

Oct15: Richard Ballon | Joseph Daley & Marty Ehrlich

Oct16: Avery Sharpe & Charles Neville | Judyie Al-Bilali

Oct17: sroM (aka Stephanie Robinson) | Magdalena Gómez

Oct18: Martin Espada

Oct 25: Mark Feldman

Richard Hardie and Keith Cox: Form Follows disFunction

Inside Joke: A Group Exhibition Curated by Sherry Mayo


Clean Slate: New Paintings by Anne LaPrade Seuthe  

Shahid Al-Bilali: A Mirror For My Children  

Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other: Twelve printmakers explore the serial nature of printmaking  

Energetic Revelations: Paintings & Drawings by Deborah Garner  

film chowdah  

Cayoni:Creek Indian Visionary

Grace Before Dying: A Photo Documentary by Lori Waselchuk

Brandon Ross and Stomu Takeishi  

Eshu Bumpus and Motoko Dworkin  

Bob Weiner  

Keli Stewart  

Voices From Inside  

Jason Robinson  

Mira Bartok  

Poems For Marisa: An Exhibition of Poems Written by Angel Nieto

Christian Folk Art From India: A Exhibit from the Collection of Local South Asian Studies Scholar Georgana Falb Foster


It's a Flea Market World: New Works by Kelly Moore  

Energetic Revelations: Paintings and Drawings by Deborah Garner  

Balam Soto: Digital Transition  

Brick + Mortar International Video Art Festival  

Umlando - Through My Father's Eyes  

An Untouchable Reaches Out: The Dalit Art of Savi Savarkar  

Poetry Prose Performance: Maureen Buchanan Jones

Poetry Prose Performance: Pat Schneider

Poetry Prose Performance: Michael Earl Craig & Natalie Lyalin

Poetry Prose Performance: Lenelle Moise

Earth Radiance: Max Armen's Plein Air Painting  


Gems in the Valley: A Toast to Nelson Stevens  

Nomad: Women On the Move  

Art from the Heart: Recent works by Yusef Lateef

Plein Air: New Mexico 

BFA Thesis: Elliot Rufo

Student Exhibition: Moonlight Davis

Student Exhibit: Exhibition by student artists from Greenfield Community College

My Journey Through Line:paintings and drawings by Carolyn Mae Lassiter  

Who Does She Think She Is?  

POP: A Celebration of Black Fatherhood; Featuring photography by Carol Ross  

Inside the Outside/Paintings by Three Outsider Artists: Jay Dickens, Arnold Nelson, & Floyd Nelson  


He's Covered All His Tracks: Mixed Media by Oliver Lake

Showcase: Poetry by writers of the MFA program

Creation and Recreation  

Background Stories: Heike Fescharek

Beginning Again: An Evening of Poetry and Music with Dr. Frederick C. Tillis

Jaguar Dreams: Each Day, A Lifetime: Reading by Magdalena Gómez

Keli Stewart  

Shades of Jazz on Noir  

BFA Thesis: Jessica Pollard

BFA Thesis: Jenna Faden & Jessica Horton

I Wish: Hayden Denny

Sermons and Serenades: Collaboration by Ellen Eisenman and Marianetta Porter

Ikarus: Randy Chung Gonzales

Cyn Horton  

Transporting: oil, water, arteries and veins in the Amazon - Installation by Patty Bode and Ecuadorian Artists



Myths and Moments  

Ron Welburn  

Herb Robertson  

Keli Stewart  

Avery Sharpe  

Andrea Assaf  

BFA Thesis Exhibition  

BFA Thesis Exhibition  

AmericAura, Part 1  

AmericAura, Part 2  

the the the is  

BFA Thesis  


Colors of My Soul, Textures of My Spirit  

Watching With My Ears  

The Makanda Project  

Kim Clarke and Tim Siciliano  

Lenelle Moise  

My Own Prison: My Own Escape  

BFA Thesis: Valerie Nyby and Whit Rigali  

BFA Thesis: Jason Forrest and Mike Kopson  

Hopes, Dreams, Sorrows  

Steve Tracy  

Pablo Yglesias  

Ravish Momin  

On Being...and Finding Voice  

BFA Thesis Exhibit  

BFA Thesis Exhibit  


Ras Jahn Bullock  

Carlos Santiago Arroyo and Angel Sanchez Ortiz  

The Ahisma Ensemble  

Jose Gonzales and Conjunto de Bomba  

Carmen Leonor Rivera-Lassen  

BFA Thesis Exhibition  

BFA Thesis Exhibition  

BFA Thesis Exhibition  

Petri Dishes and Arthrax  

Leroy Jenkins  

Magdalena Gomez  


Dark Descendants  



Young Artists: A Moment in Tamulte  

Three Bags Full  

Song Hee Lee  

Miya Masaoka  

Mario Avila  

Maria Mitchell  

Henry Grimes  

Anchor House  


Such Sweet Thunder: Views on Black American Music  

Michael Coblyn: The Way I See It  

Diana Simard: Tableaus and Innuendos  

Thesis Exibition - Michael O'Bannon  

Twenty-six Ways of Looking at a Black Man  

The Desert is No Lady  

La Lucha Continua/ The Struggle Continues  

Judyie Al-Bilali  

Jin Hi Kim  

Patricia Siudut Rachel Allison Esancy  


Young Artists: Images from Israel  

Islamic Art: Peace and Beauty